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We all LOVE free and when it comes to web design, the more money you can save but still provide the results you want is key. Your banner images and website header images are vital to your site design and we offer you an excellent free header / banner maker! We hope you enjoy using the software as we love it and think you will to.

Cropping Tool To Help With Header Creator! Gimp

Often times you need to crop an image to help you make a great looking header image. Having just the right image with no background will take you a little bit of extra time, but is well worth it in the end! So how do you go about taking let’s say a flashlight and removing the background so you end up with just a flashlight?

Using the free tool Gimp is how! 100% free download of Gimp Software.

Go from an image like this (has square white background) The black is placed to show the white background around the flashlight.

 Cropping out background

To an image like this that you can place on any color background. The white background is removed, allowing you to insert the image onto any color background.

 Remove background from picture

Here is a step by step process of how to do it after you have downloaded Gimp.

In Step 5, the Save Image is a bit confusing.

Here is what you need to do:

Go to Save As
Type a name for the file and add .gif to the end. Example: picturecrop.gif
click Save

Another window will appear, click Export.

The cropped image needs to be saved as a .gif or it will still hold a background!

The rest of the step by step process is easy to follow! Enjoy this great cropping tool that allows you to remove the background from an image and insert the newly cropped image into your header!

Pro Version Header Maker

Here is a video sample from just ONE category of the 46 total of 5,000 starter header image templates provided with the Pro version of the header maker! The samples are from the Beauty category to give you an idea of the quality headers you can start with to make them just right for your site!

Once again, the Pro version header maker is only $47 and you can get it here!

Free Header Maker

Website design is vital but paying somebody to make your header image can get pricey. When you own many sites or are a web designer, paying somebody to make banner images or website and blog header graphics can become a costly need. Sometimes a theme you purchased or got for free has a header image that doesn’t work for you and you simply want to make a new one.

Well, we have the perfect solution for you. A free header maker that allows you to use a simple software directly on your computer to create the image you want. Totally custom, just the way you want it! Use it as much as you want, while creating some great looking website header images and web banners.

We offer 500 ready made images for you to add text or your logo to. Simply select a pre-designed template to get started or start with a blank slate. Once you do that, add what you wish and simply save it. Upload it to your site and you are done. Really, it is that easy. No "images" or "text" from the software will be displayed on the header image you create for your site. Really, it is free and it works! Download it now!

Free Header Image Creator Download

Now free is always great and I suggest you try it and download it free but if you are ready to have almost unlimited options of a header maker, we do offer a premium version of the header maker with 5,000 pre-loaded images which we know you would love as well. Yes, 5,000 ready to use templates. Learn more on our download page today.